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Q: If I place an order, how quickly can you deliver a container?

A: That depends on what you order. For a standard rental container, we can get it to you within 2 to 3

business days, quite often within 24 hours if you are in a rush.

Q: If I order a container with a custom color request, how long will it take?

A: For a purchase with a custom color request, it usually takes 5 to 7 business days to clean, sand, tape and paint the container. It will take longer if you request any modifications.

Q: Is any site preparation needed?

A: The main concerns are grading and condition of the ground. If the surface is level and paved, then it's perfect for a container. If the ground is loose soil, muddy and there is a slope, then we don't recommend you schedule delivery until it is dry and the ground is properly graded or firm packed. Also check and remove low hanging branches or wires that can impede the truck's access.



Q: How much space is required for delivery?

A: The roll off truck needs space to back into position, raise up the front of the container, the back end tilts down to place the end of the container on the ground, and pull out in a straight line. For a 20' container, we need a 60' long X 10' wide area and for a 40' container, we need a 100' long X 10' wide are to facilitate the delivery. There should also be at least 14' of height for the container to tilt.



Q: I need a container placed in a high theft area. How can you better secure the container doors?

A: In this situation, a padlock box is highly recommended. We fabricate and install a 3/16" thick steel box on the door. You will place your padlock inside the box to lock it. Nothing is 100% theft resistant, but it will take more than a bolt cutter or hacksaw to cut into this box. Please ask for the lock box when ordering.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept personal or business checks, cash, Visa, or Mastercard.

Q: When do you collect payment for orders?

A:  For rentals, we collect first 2 months rent plus delivery and pickup fees plus Hi GET upon delivery or in advance. For most purchases, orders are prepaid prior to delivery unless prior arrangements have been made

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